Graduate School of Health Sciences Kumamoto University





Personnel Training and Educational Principles

The doctoral program of Health Sciences produces educators and researchers who create interdisciplinary field of research, contribute to the development of the quality of practical activities and provide personnel training, including the ability to innovate depending on medical circumstance. Students learn scientific and logical knowledge and the skills behind practical field. Thus this program turns out individuals who are expected to be leaders and high level medical professionals.

Principles, Aims and Admission Policy

The basic principle is to contribute to the establishment and development of educational system of health sciences through the development of the knowledge and skill of each department: Nursing, Radiological Sciences and Medical Laboratory Sciences, and integration of them.


The aim is to produce high level professionals, educators and researchers for the purpose of maintenance and improvement of health and community medicine.

Admission Policy
  1. 1Individuals who have enthusiasm for improving national health.
  2. 2Individuals who have the basic academic abilities to receive health education at graduate school.
  3. 3Individuals who possess a spirit of inquiry, and who have a positive attitude toward study and self-development.
  4. 4Individuals with high motivation who aspire to be high level professionals in the field of health, medical service and welfare.

Features of Education

This course develops knowledge and skill in Nursing, Medical Radiological Sciences and Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, and integrates them all into one major course. All the teaching staff of graduate school of health science are assigned to train students. Thus it is possible to nurture researchers, educators and professionals who are highly skilled, and have deep knowledge and wide ranging viewpoints. To meet this aim, this course has professional education courses, Nursing Pedagogy Course and Course of Medical Technologies and Sciences.

Support for Working Members

This course supports working members;

  1. 1If necessary, classes are conducted at night time, Saturday, Sunday and during summer and winter holidays.
  2. 2Using Internet: Students can use Internet for home study, and join discussions using emails and Internet TV.
  3. 3Long-term study: Provided for full-time workers only. They are allowed to complete the course in a maximum of 6 years.